New Re-TRAC Connect Users

Step 1. Create a Re-TRAC Connect user account.

Select your organization type from the below list and complete the registration process. Once complete, you will receive an activation email. Click on the link contained in the email to activate your Re-TRAC Connect account.

Note: Check your spam/junk folder if the activation email does not appear in your inbox. If you don't receive an activation email, please contact Re-TRAC Connect support at to have your account activated.

Step 2. Participate in the Food Recovery Challenge

Login to Re-TRAC Connect and complete the Food Recovery Challenge forms.

Download the Re-TRAC Connect user guide for the Food Recovery Challenge. User Guide - PDF

Please select your organization type from one of the options below.

  1. Advertising/Marketing
  2. Aerospace
  3. Airlines
  4. Apparel
  5. Banking, Financial & Savings
  6. Beverages
  7. Chemicals
  8. College or University
  9. Communication
  10. Computer & Data Services
  11. Construction & Engineering
  12. Consultant
  13. Dry Cleaning & Laundering
  14. Electronics Manufacturer
  15. Electronics Recycler
  16. Electronics Retailer
  17. Federal Government Agency
  18. Food Manufacturing
  19. Food, Drug & Convenience Stores
  20. Forest and Paper Products
  21. Furniture Manufacturing
  22. Hotels, Resorts & Lodging
  23. Industrial and Farm Equipment
  24. Insurance
  25. Jewelry & Silverware Manufacturing
  26. K-12 School
  27. Leather Manufacturing
  28. Local Government
  29. Medical Services
  30. Metal Manufacturing
  31. Metal Products
  32. Mining & Crude Oil Production
  33. Motor Vehicles & Parts
  34. Native American Tribal Government
  35. Non Profit
  36. Other Organization
  37. Petroleum Refining
  38. Pharmaceuticals
  39. Printing & Publishing
  40. Property Management & Real Estate
  41. Religious Institution
  42. Research Services
  43. Restaurants and Food Service Providers
  44. Retail & Mail Order
  45. Rubber and Plastic Products
  46. Scientific, Photographic & Control Equipment
  47. Soaps, Cosmetics & Hygiene
  48. Sports/Entertainment Venue
  49. State
  50. Textile Manufacturing
  51. Toys & Sporting Goods
  52. Transportation
  53. Transportation Equipment
  54. Utilities
  55. Waste Management Services


Please contact the WasteWise Helpline at or 1-800-EPA-WISE.

Existing Re-TRAC Connect Users

If you are an existing Re-TRAC Connect user you can login to Re-TRAC Connect with your existing account to participate in the Food Recovery Challenge.

Download the Re-TRAC Connect user guide for the Food Recovery Challenge. User Guide - PDF