New Re-TRAC Connect Users

To fully register, you need to do 2 steps. First, create an account in Re-TRAC Connect. The second step is to complete the "Recycle-Bowl - Registration Information" form. The registration steps are outlined below. For a PDF version of the registration process, please save this document Recycle-Bowl Competition User Guide. It contains instructions and screen shots of what is required to successfully register for the Recycle-Bowl Competition.

Step 1 - Create an account

  • a. Click on the "K-12 School" link below.
  • b. Complete the Account Information Registration form.
  • This is where you provide an email, password and your school's physical address. We will create a map of all the different locations participating in Recycle-Bowl.
  • c. Activate your account.
  • Re-TRAC Connect will send you an email that contains a link. Click on the link to activate your account. After clicking the link, you should automatically be logged in to Re-TRAC Connect. You will also receive a second email confirming that your account has been activated. Note: If you don't see the activation email in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folder. If you have not received the account activation email please email

Step 2 - Register for the competition via the "Recycle-Bowl – Registration Information" form

  • a. Log into Re-TRAC Connect (
  • Your login is your email address. If you forget your password, you can reclaim a new one by using the "Forget Password" functionality found on the login page.
  • b. Click on the "Go" button found on your Dashboard.
  • c. Click on the "+" sign beside the words "Recycle-Bowl – Registration Information".
  • d. Complete the "Recycle-Bowl - Registration" form and click the "Submit to Program" button. There are around 10 required questions regarding your school recycling program.

To view the Recycle-Bowl Registration Information form prior to filling it out online, visit the FAQ page of

Please note: Schools located in Mexico, Canada and a US Territory are encouraged to register and participate; however, they are only eligible to participate in the Open Division.

To register a school district

Whole school districts that are unable to break out recycling data for each individual school can compete nationally against other school districts. Each district will track the weight of its recyclables and divide it by the total number of students, teachers and administrators. This category only includes recyclables generated by the district. To register visit -

To register multiple schools

If you would like to manage multiple schools for the Recycle-Bowl Competition you can do this from a single account. Download Recycle-Bowl Competition User Guide for detailed instructions.

Recycling reports after competition

Schools will return to Re-TRAC Connect once at the end of the competition to report their recycling results. Results will include total pound of material collected and total number of students and faculty. Keep those login emails handy.

Recycle-Bowl State Coordinators
If you are a state coordinator you can access Recycle-Bowl data for your state. Register using the "State" link below. After being approved by a KAB administrator you will have access to Recycle-Bowl reports for your state.

Please select your organization type from one of the options below.

  1. K-12 School
  2. State


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Recycle-Bowl staff at 202-688-0604 and/or

Existing Re-TRAC Connect Users

If you are an existing Re-TRAC Connect user (e.g. Participated in the Recycle-Bowl last year) you can login to Re-TRAC Connect with your existing account and begin competing in the Recycle-Bowl Competition.

Download the Re-TRAC Connect user guide for the Recycle-Bowl Competition. Recycle-Bowl Competition User Guide.

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